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Here is my highlight of five posts in the blogging world I found interesting this week. If you’re like me, you have limited time, and can’t always stay up-to-date on everyone’s blog. These were some of my favorites.

1. Beadin’ Path: Weekly Beadditudes with Dara
How to Speak Bead

This post seriously had me laughing out loud. There are so many stones, colors, and bead styles that have pretty uncommon names. Dora takes the time to clear up some of the mispronunciations – complete with wacky (ok, I’ve probably said one or two of them before) examples.

2. Humblebeads Blog
Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads Giveaway

I found this link through Art Bead Scene, and I have to admit that this is a very tempting giveaway.  I don’t really have much in the realm of coolness to giveaway in return if I were to win, but wow, what a great bunch of beads. (At this point, I haven’t entered.  I’m too intimidated.)

3. Digital Photography School
5 Mind-Traps of Beginner Photographers

In many, many ways, I still consider myself a beginning photographer.  It’s on the rare occasion that I have the guts to throw the camera out of Auto mode and even then, I’m normally only adjusting one setting. I liked this post as a bit of a confidence boost for beginners. Or a shove in the right direction for those, like me, who shouldn’t be stuck in beginner mode.

4. Inspirational Beading
Pussy Willow Bracelet

I am not much of a seed-bead user or stitcher, but this bracelet was very cool and true to its inspiration.  I really liked it.

5. Digital Photography School
Beach Photography

I try not to use the same blog twice in one week, but sometimes it’s necessary. The pictures alone in this post are amazing. It really, really makes me want to take my camera to the beach. That’s actually saying a lot for me because I’m not much of a beach gal. (Shocking confession #512!)

Hope you enjoyed this short jaunt around the web. Have a lovely Sunday!


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Linking up with Angry Julie Monday’s Wordless Wednesday
Go and visit the others 🙂

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Here’s my highlight of posts in the blogging world I found interesting this week. I went through the first half of the week thinking there was going to be nothing interesting to report, but the week ended with some great posts.

1. Color for Bead Artists
Project Runway Judges: Do You Know Color?

While this specific post is not new, the one that referenced it was (I just won the book that she mentions). I was similarly outraged when the Project Runway judges suggested that blue and orange were not complementary colors. Good to see someone defend that poor designer.

2. Digital Photography School
8 Tips for Photographing Wildflowers

The DPS site is easily one of my favorite new sites. I loved this tutorial on photographing flowers. I can’t wait to try it out!

3. Digital Photography School
Product Review: Lightscoop

This is easily one of the coolest pieces of camera equipment I’ve seen in a long time. I haven’t bought it yet, but it is definitely on the short list of things I’d like to invest in.

4. The Beaducation Blog
Awesome new whole punch pliers

Not sure about the spelling of “whole”, but anyway, Beaducation posted new metal punch tools late this week. One punch in square and the other in oval. It took me until my lunch that day to order the square ones (and a few other things). Can’t wait to get them!

5. Art Bead Scene
How I Organized My Studio for $45*

Not that a peg board is a new idea by any means, but I loved how this turned out. If you go to the original post, you can see she painted it a nice fun color too. This will be my next organizational move after I get the cabinets up.

Have a great Sunday, and I hope these posts start you out right for the week!

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A couple of months ago, I was making lunch at work and grabbed one of our knives circa 1970 to 1980.  It’s one of those utensils that has the engraved flowers on the handle.

The thought that popped into my head was, “I wonder what would happen if I hammered some metal on this handle”.

I knew I could buy some cheap flatware from the thrift store.  It’s taken me until Wednesday this week to finally make the trek.  And $2 later, I had an assortment of pieces to try out.

These were two of my favorites, and look at the results!  I’m loving it! The impressions are fantastic, and the possibilities are so exciting.  I snagged some other patterns from work that I want to try out too.

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Linking up with Angry Julie Monday’s Wordless Wednesday
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For weeks, I’ve had all these ideas swirling around in my head for different designs I want to work on and things I want to create.  Yesterday, I sat down for a few hours and did some work in the afternoon and then again after the boys went to sleep.

The results?

I was stumped.

Just about everything I touched did not work out according to plan.

I’ve had this idea for a new metal flower to compliment the daisy I created for Use the Muse III (featured in my header).  What I came up with was not at all like I envisioned and very disappointing.

I tried to work through some ideas for those fantastic custom tile beads.  Those didn’t even make it off the drawing board (so to speak) before I had vetoed them.

I played around with the disk beads too with mixed results. I have an idea, but I don’t know if it going to work into a bracelet or a necklace or get tossed aside like my other ideas.

All-in-all it was a disappointing time.  And I think a lot of it was due to my putting too much pressure on *succeeding*. I have to tell myself (and I’ve been repeating it all day) that it’s a process.  Doing something new, trying to think “outside the box”, or at least outside my box, is not going to be met with instant success.

Not having things work out the way I envisioned them is not what I’d hoped for, but it is a step in the process of getting to something that will work and that I’ll be happy with.

I haven’t given up.  In fact, I have another plan of attack (could I be using any more clichés??) for my metal flower that’s probably going to involve the dissection of some poor, defenseless tulips. I’m looking through one of my new favorite books from the library – Wire Style by Denise Peck – and getting some ideas for my other projects.

I will work through this.

What I did fall back on was a kit that I bought from Scott David Plumlee back when I took his class a few months ago. At the very least, it let me feel like I was accomplishing something creative.

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Oscar Speech Brilliance

I stumbled upon this little speech generator this morning on Lists Galore!

It took two tries, but here is my Oscar Acceptance Speech…

Thank you so much. But really, it’s just an honor to be nominated alongside so many other windy actors. I want to thank my agent, who stuck with me after I was found coasting that candy. I’d like to also thank my glossy family, and speedy hammer. I better stop now before I say something brilliant. Thank you, and rock on!!!

Now go and create your own.  You know you want to. 😉

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