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My studio space is a nook carved out of the bonus room in our house.  I share this room with my young boys’ toys, a large television equipped with video games, and other miscellany.  A few months ago, I bought and assembled an L-shaped desk that gave some boundaries and definition to my studio space.

About nine months ago, I had the brilliant idea to get a white utility cabinet and mount it on one of the walls in my space.  I have all sorts of stuff and very, very little storage space.  The three cabinet unit seemed like a perfect solution.  The only problem was that it would be impossible for just my husband and I to install.

Finally, last weekend, my dad and brother were able to come over and provide the problem-solving skills and brute strength required to install my cabinet.  I am so excited to have this space.  There are so many things that need to be accessible, but up and out of the way of little fingers.

I was disappointed to discover that the bins I originally bought to go in the cabinets were not the right size to efficiently use the space.  But I was thrilled to find the perfect bins at Target.  They are clear with green latches, come in three different sizes, and I love them!

Somewhere along the way, I also discovered some great little units at Tuesday Morning.  They were marketed for a child’s craft room (who has such a thing??), but they are going to be great for some of my beady stuff.  They were so easy to put together that I might go back and see if I can find some more.

I’m still working hard at organizing the space, but I’m so excited about how it’s all coming together.


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I had been blogging along pretty okay for a working mom of two little boys, and then all of a sudden, I vanished for 3 weeks or so.  Well, I wish I could say that it’s because I’ve been creating up a storm.  Sadly, it’s just not true.

I’ve spent several weeks doing this…


And, no, it wasn’t making a big mess.  I was listing and selling most of this stuff on eBay.  A royal pain, but the cash is almost worth it.

In the midst of it, the boys and I got sick, so we stayed home one weekend and did this…


We’d had this closet organizer that we bought not long after we moved (which was well over a year ago), and I finally broke down and installed it.  It took longer than I hoped, but turned out really well.

Then I had to take this one to the Emergency Room a week and a half ago…

ER Visit

He managed to smash his finger in the door at grandma’s house.  Poor guy needed stitches, a follow-up with a specialist, and a plastic bag over his hand while he ate.

We went to a concert in there somewhere.  Last weekend was Easter activities and family stuff.  And I think that’s about all.

But I have managed to take advantage of some of the spring sales.  I hope to be sharing my purchases soon, but here’s a little peek at what I bought to play with from The Beadin’ Path.

lucite flowers

I hope to update again soon, and I’m trying to get my posts together for a Sunday Brunch again this week.  I was going to go back and do the weeks I missed, but I’ve decided to let those go.

I’m not making any major promises at this point because I am having this huge draw to create something, and I think blogging is not going to be the creative outlet I seek this time.  I’m staring at about four different projects in various stages of completion right in front of me.

I also have a master plan for organizing my workspace once and for all that will probably take half a day to put together and the rest of my life to organize.

I’ll leave you with this thought tweeted by TheCraftsReport today…

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ~Walt Disney

So I am off to do.  Well, actually, to sleep, but then later to do.

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Going Old School

I love my iPhone. It’s one of my favorite pieces of technology, but the calendar feature falls pretty short with keeping my scheduled organized.

I’m a visual person (which I hope means I’m creative) and this wasn’t doing it for me.

One of my girlfriends whipped out a calendar the other day and proceeded to use pen and paper. What a concept!

About the same time Vera Bradley was advertising 50% off their agenda books. I decided to visit our local store on Saturday and managed to score a cute book for 50% off and an additional $5 off because of the weekend sales. My cute new calendar cost me just over $8.

So far, I love it! I’m having all sorts of fun writing in the things we have going on and using the daily sections for lists of things to do and remember.

I’ve used this type of calendar before and start out strong and soon forget to carry it around with me, so I’m trying it out.  If it works well for this year, I’m going to upgrade to the fancy Mom Agenda Day Planner for next year.

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