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Going Old School

I love my iPhone. It’s one of my favorite pieces of technology, but the calendar feature falls pretty short with keeping my scheduled organized.

I’m a visual person (which I hope means I’m creative) and this wasn’t doing it for me.

One of my girlfriends whipped out a calendar the other day and proceeded to use pen and paper. What a concept!

About the same time Vera Bradley was advertising 50% off their agenda books. I decided to visit our local store on Saturday and managed to score a cute book for 50% off and an additional $5 off because of the weekend sales. My cute new calendar cost me just over $8.

So far, I love it! I’m having all sorts of fun writing in the things we have going on and using the daily sections for lists of things to do and remember.

I’ve used this type of calendar before and start out strong and soon forget to carry it around with me, so I’m trying it out.  If it works well for this year, I’m going to upgrade to the fancy Mom Agenda Day Planner for next year.


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One of the craft stores I like was having a 40% off this weekend for the holiday, so I had to go out and see if I could find any treasures. Actually, I had planned to look for something from Simply Swank. I knew there was some sort of value pack I had my eye on. For some reason I thought it was different varieties of glass, but when I got there I remembered the copper tape.

I did look at their glass “value” packs and was disappointed to discover that four pieces of glass, or two charms, were considered a value pack. At $5 each, I wasn’t about to stock up. I looked around to see if anything else caught my eye and I spotted these boxes of Inkssentials Memory Glass. I read over all of the information and couldn’t find any reason why I couldn’t try using these to make soldered pieces.

I am going to give it a try. For 24 pieces at $7, I think it’s worth testing to see if I can solder them. It seems like there shouldn’t be a problem since they are glass after all, but you never know. I probably won’t get to try this theory out until after the end of September since there are so many things going on this month to keep me more than busy.

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