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Lori Anderson is giving away a set of totally fun metal letter stamps from PJ Tool and Supply.

How fun are these stamps??

Ballroom Boogie

I would love to add these to my growing collection of metal alphabets!

For a chance to win, head over to Lori’s blog Pretty Things for details.

And check out the PJ Tool and Supply site.  I had not heard of them before and there is all sorts of stuff to get a metal jewelry gal into lots of trouble – stamping tools, metal disc cutters, and of course the metal stamps – just to name a few.

I had to look into shipping since that adds up so quickly for stamping tools due to weight. Shipping is a flat $8.50 in the 48 contiguous states! That’s fantastic!! Now I’m really in trouble.


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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ~Walt Disney

So… I’ve been gone from the scene for a while.

It was actually planned. Well, at least at the beginning I had a plan.

I didn’t talk about it before I took a break, but it maybe would have been a good idea to explain why I was planning an extended break from my blog and Twitter. I was just afraid to admit it out loud because I don’t like to fail. If I explained what my plan was, then I’d have to come back and say whether it worked out or not.

And here’s the deal, it didn’t work out. Nothing worked like I thought it would. But I learned from my break and some things really changed.

Sometime around the end of the last Bead Soup Blog Party (when last we met), I decided that I was going to put into action what I’d wanted to do for a long time. I was going to make some pieces (30 to be exact) and I was going to finally open my own Etsy store. I wanted to create a line in time for Christmas shopping.

I’ve been designing and creating jewelry for eight years now. I’ve been gathering up supplies (for years), saying I was going to make certain pieces I’d designed, and I finally decided I was going to “quit talking and begin doing”.

I was going to leap right in.

Just watch me.

I’m here on this ledge…

I had a plan. Starting at the end of July, I was going to take 6 weeks. The plan was 1 week to firm up some ideas, 4 weeks to create (all of August), and 1 week to take pictures and post (beginning of September).

You can stop laughing now.

Once I started on creation, I quickly realized that there was no way I would be able to put together 30 pieces. If I was planning on just doing stringing or some wire work, then I might have been able to pull it off. But what I wanted to do was make some soldered focal pieces and bracelets.

Like this…

Soldered Pendant

I also wanted to do some metal work, which was going to take more time than one piece a night. I wasn’t specific enough in what metal pieces I was going to create. I had ideas, but my designs were still forming.

I wasn’t too discouraged because I figured I could put together some earrings pretty quickly to round out my 30 pieces. And I had some simpler stuff I could do too.

But things kept consuming my time. I work full time. I was taking a drawing class every Monday night until 10. I was actually in class 3 nights a week at the end of July. There were birthdays late in the summer, which took up some evenings.

Then, my oldest started Kindergarten at the end of August (sniff), and suddenly my evenings in September were filling up with back-to-school things. I was also working with my sister-in-law to plan the 40th Anniversary party of our parents-in-law in mid-September.

I just kept pushing my dates back and working as best I could. But by mid-September I still only had 5-6 pieces in various states of completion.

Then… at the end of September, I found out about this…

And everything came to a screeching hault.

I felt pretty okay for about 2 weeks after we found out, but then the morning sickness and exhaustion hit.  This one has been especially hard.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m older or because I have two other kiddos, but I have had a hard time.  It was probably some where around Christmas that I started seeing some of my energy come back, but I still can’t keep up like I used to.

I am itching to create though, and I haven’t forgotten about my vision to put together a shop.  I’m hoping to create some pieces for Valentine’s Day and Spring.  It may end up being 10 things, but I’m going to try.



I’ll post when it happens, but this time I plan to be back before then.

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We’ve reached the end of the second round of Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Party. I’ve really enjoyed my second serving of soup and I’m ready to get the third pot going. I have a bead convention coming up in less than two weeks, so I am very excited to look for something fun for my next partner.

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway from the bracelet pictured in my reveal on Day 3.  All you need to do to enter is leave a comment (one per person please).  Comments will close at midnight PST.

Here is the last helping of soup…

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The party is almost over, which is sad. But there are still lots of lovely blogs to visit today and tomorrow. There are only a couple of days left to win a bracelet by commenting (one per person please) on my piece from Day 3.  My plan is to close the comments at midnight PST tomorrow.

I have an idea in the works for one of the other focals I received from my partner, Kate of Tropical Blonde, but my week has gotten away from me.  I will definitely post when I do get it done.

Don’t forget to visit these blogs today.

Have a good night!

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I meant to update with the links every day, but work has been INSANE this week.  We are a small office and one gal is out on vacation this week. I’ve been bringing work home (since I’m lucky enough to remotely connect to our system) and staying up late to get more done.

Make sure you take a moment to post a comment (one per person please) on the piece I revealed on Day 3. You will be entered into a contest for the bracelet pictured at the end of the Day 3 post.

Bead Soup Party Day 5

Bead Soup Party Day 6

I have nothing intelligent left to say tonight.  I hope you’re enjoying the party!!

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(don’t miss my bead soup from yesterday)

I wanted to start today with a huge thank you to everyone who commented on my Bead Soup piece.  I have loved reading through all the comments. I actually think this is my favorite part of the party.  (Well, okay, cool beads it pretty awesome too.)  I just love getting all of the feedback.

The party continues today, so don’t miss out on some more amazing pieces. I am truly humbled by the talent of the designers in this party!

I promised more pictures of my giveaway bracelet, so here goes…

Here is a closer view of the beads created by Kate at Tropical Blonde. Someone commented yesterday that they looked like candy, and I completely agree.  I wonder what flavor they would be??

The square, brown beads are more of Kate’s lovely polymer clay creations. I added some Carnelian rounds and copper spacers to complete the bracelet.

I made my own clasp for this one too.  I never realized it would be so addicting to make clasps.  I am totally loving it.  If I could find a good toggle design, then I might never go back.  Actually, someone had a lovely stamped one, and I’m considering seeing if I can duplicate it.

So… if you’d like a chance to win this bracelet, then don’t forget to comment (one per person please) on my Bead Soup post from yesterday.

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For this round of the Bead Soup Party (hosted by the lovely and talented Lori Anderson) my partner was Kate of Tropical Blonde. She sent me all sorts of lovely pieces to work with including three focals. I was so sure I’d have at least two pieces to reveal today, but I kept working and working the first piece that I didn’t have time for a second.

I tend to mull over projects for a long time before I start putting them together. One of the three focals surprised me by sticking in my mind. About the same time I received my first package from Kate, Susan Lenart Kazmer of Objects and Elements introduced her Industrial Chic line. The wheels really started turning for a more “industrial” piece.

Here is what I’ve created…

I took Kate’s piece and decided to oxidize it, which was a scary but perfect decision because then it matched the chain. I created my own headpins in three different designs. Aside from the two Industrial Chic pieces and the metal component I put behind the smaller one, I used only the beads that Kate sent.

A lot of the details are really subtle. I took seed beads and 28 gauge wire and wrapped them around some of the links.

I also wire wrapped some beads over the chain.

I did create my own clasp.

I had a lot of fun creating this piece. I feel like I stretched myself to do something that was different for me and I enjoyed it.

Thank you so much Kate for all that you sent! I’m hoping to have some time this week before the party is over to create a second piece. The polymer clay components have been talking to me, and I still need to use your clasp.

Don’t forget to visit the others revealing their pieces today…

Don’t forget to comment. Each comment (one per person please) on this post will enter you into my little contest for this piece…

I’ve talked enough for one day, so I’ll tell you all about this piece tomorrow.

Update 6/27: The contest is now closed, but please continue to comment. I love and treasure all of your feedback.

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